Safety and Environment Policy

We are committed to the use of safe and responsible practices regarding safety, health and the environment, in compliance with all regulations in force, international standards and company regulations. We believe that the protection of human health and the environment is necessary to the development of our business. We are committed to the preservation of resources and the protection of our employees, customers, environment and community. The fundamentals of this policy are the following:

To commit ourselves to becoming leaders in running our business in compliance with all the requirements and regulations that protect the environment, our health and safety.

To establish and contribute to a culture concerned about health, safety and the environment through education, training, diffusion and commitment with the protection and well being of every individual in our company. To promote prevention of pollution, with special attention to the reduction of negative impacts, conservation of resources, and include considerations about environment, safety and health as criteria to assess projects, processes, and purchases. To ensure that each employee assumes the responsibility of a healthy, safe and environment friendly performance, respectful of colleagues, the company and him/herself. To ensure our correct performance in programs regarding safety, health and the environment and to reassert our commitment with continuous improvement in order to achieve our main objective: zero accidents. We all share these principles, essential to our policy and long term success.