Raw Material Traceability

In products like Chondroitin Sulfate or Sodium Heparin, naturally extracted from animal tissues, the raw materials control and accomplishment with international sanitary standards of veterinary health is essential at time of choosing a product and supplier.

We know this and we believe to have a system assuring the best available conditions regarding traceability up to the animal cattle.

Meanwhile most of the manufacturers of Chondroitin Sulfate can not offer a Chondroitin Sulfate from a single animal source, we do so and also we keep records of traceability indicating where each piece of the raw material used to manufacture Chondroitin comes from. Our Chondroitin Sulfate is 100 % bovine and the bovine raw material used to manufacture it is the best one in terms of BSE Risk.

Sodium Heparin is only manufactured starting from Porcine raw material with dedicated equipment in segregated sections from Chondroitin facility.

Argentina, where we have our manufacturing facilities, is one of few countries considered free of BSE. BSE is a degenerative disease found in animals, transmissible to humans. As far as Argentina is a BSE Free country, the only animal raw material allowed to be imported to the country is the one coming from places with similar status.